Best Practices for Using Mobile App Games

With so much technological advancements over the last decade smartphones have become very common gadgets in our life for communication purposes as well as entertainment reasons at the comfort of our palm. These increased use of smartphones has also advanced beyond imagination programming technics in the development process of dynamic applications for different applications and operating systems such as iOS, Android's Play Store, App Store and Windows Phone's Marketplace for better clients satisfaction. One of the common operating systems that is in use today is the android operating system thus the article will focus at discussing some tips that can be used to manage your phone for maximum efficiency when gaming to avoid hanging of the phone through application management and precaution measures and procedures. The Google's play store is the official android portal for games, apps, magazines, books and TV thus it is a center of concern on how to manages our gadgets for more efficiency in using  mobile games.

It is recommendable as the first consideration to manage your device from a web browser. By accessing play store through the web browser you will enjoy a number of additional features that are not available at the android app store. When you access an android play store through the web browser you will access some additional feature which is not the case for a Google play store such as being able to manage devices that are connected to your Google account such as social media accounts and Gmail account. If your phone is accessible to a number of individuals it is important to ensure that you set a password and more so if they are children. The password will be essentially to avoid unwanted or accidental purchases through your account by protecting your Google play store account. To enable a password protection you open your Google play app on your android device and check for the three vertical dots on the top-right corner, click on the dots then choose the option settings and among the options that will follow will be a user control section which you will click and you will see a box next to the password, enter a password and confirm it to enable the setting. Also to optimize on the functionality of your Google mobile app promotion you should ensure that you receive notifications that are only meant for android mobile apps. To make this setting open you Google play store and tap the apps option at the top menu of the page, drag a figure to the left so as to scroll from the home page to one of the pages on the right and choose design for mobile from the dropdown menu at the top of one of the page.

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